Emerging from constant trials and errors of attempts to discover the perfect combination of elements well-suited for diligent, hard-working men, MASSARI was officially founded in 2020, after a lengthy 13 years of experiments & research. Working side-by-side with his trustee barber, that currently holds 25+ years of experience in male grooming, AHMED AL MASSARI committed to a larger picture right from the start. By collaborating together, they were able to finally birth formulas that would not only change the style & sophistication of their audiences but boost the confidence of active businessmen all over the world in the palm of their hands.


MASSARI aims to continue producing merchandise that directly caters to hard-working male individuals who are constantly spending long hours each day dealing with professional matters. MASSARI strives to support these men with a line of specially-made grooming goods that will help maintain their confidence and sophistication throughout the day.