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Massari Classic Kit includes:
– Grooming Kit
– Beard Oil
– Hair Oil

Bringing together all your grooming essentials in our new Massari Classic Kit, this new collection is just what you need for healthy, lush, strong hair! Containing our most sought after products, the Grooming Kit, Oud Beard Oil, and Argan Hair Oil, this Classic Kit will help you achieve and maintain your beard goals. The Grooming Kit allows you trim and tame your beard, and the aromatic beard oil helps set it in place while keeping it soft and ydrated through the day! The Argan Oil can be used on your hair and skin to retain moisture throughout the day and protect from any sun damage. Designed compactly to make it perfect for travel, the Massari Classic Kit is your new grooming companion!

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  • Hair Oil – Argan Oil
    Hair Oil - Argan Oil USD18.63

How to use Massari Argan oil on beard and mustache?

Put a few drops of the oil on the palm of your hand, rub it gently and apply it to your beard hair or mustache. Use your fingertips to massage the oil into the skin under the beard and mustache.
Benefits of Massari Argan Oil for beard and mustache:
  1. Reduces itching
  2. Protects the beard and mustache from dandruff
  3. Holds the hair of the beard and mustache and protects it from frizz
  4. Get hair with a natural and healthy shine
  5. Extra moisture for the skin underneath the beard and mustache
Advantages of Massari Argan Oil

Made with 100% organic argan oil ؜

Paraben free

Not tested on animals

Does not cause irritation


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