The difference between hair wax and hair clay

In today’s world, many men struggle on deciding which styling products would be better for their hair and give them an effortless look. There is a wide variety of hair styling products available for men, which gives them the perfect opportunity to try out different ones until they have found the perfect product for their hair. Hair clay and hair wax are the two most popular hair grooming products which are readily available and can provide amazing results for men’s hair. So, lets dive right into what is the difference between both products and which is the best product for you?

Hair Wax

• By far the most popular and most used hair product which currently dominates the market is hair wax. It is the go-to product for any hairstyle as most wax based products provide a medium hold and shine to hair. They are very versatile which means that they can be used for all lengths and types of hair.
• Hair wax provides a sleek and neat style while also adding definition to the hair.
• Good quality hair wax enables men to have an effortless look which can last all day.
• Wax based products are also harder to scoop and should be fully warmed up before applying it to your hair.
• They provide high shine with a sleek and glossy finish, which make them perfect for a normal night out or special formal event.
• Hair wax is also good for people with sensitive skin as some are formulated with natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties which can soften and smoothen skin underneath the hair.

Hair Wax


Hair Clay

• As one of the newest products in the market, hair clay specializes in giving hair a more matte and natural finish and is the perfect product for men who want to enhance their hairs volume.
• Hair clay is also greatly beneficial for men with curly or wavy hair as it contains moisturizing and conditioning properties and also provides a strong hold.
• It is also perfect for an everyday casual look as it has low shine, gives body, and adds a smooth texture to hair which can give men an effortless look.
• Compared to hair wax, products that are clay based are easier to scoop out and apply since it warms up easily in your hands
• Another characteristic of hair clay is that it stimulates hair growth and can cleanse hair without disrupting or removing natural and essential oils.
• Hair clay is perfect for all skin types and has healing properties which can help repair damaged hair as well as lessen dryness of the scalp which in turn promotes healthy hair growth.

While choosing and deciding on the best grooming product for your hair, it is important to first identify the type of hair you have and determine the style & look that you want. We recommend finding a high-quality product that is easy to use, fits with your hair type and helps you achieve an effortless look for your everyday style.

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