What are the benefits of beard oil?

In a world filled with creams, oils, balms and a million other self-care products, the question on everyone’s mind is… which products should I use and why? In this feature, we focus on one of our favorite grooming essentials, beard oil. Our experts at Massari have determined a variety of benefits when using beard oil as part of your daily face grooming routine.

1. Nourishes hair & hydrates skin.

When growing a beard, the hair tends to absorb moisture from the skin which results in dry and flaking skin if no moisture replenishment is used. The ingredients in most beard oils helps in moisturizing dry skin underneath your beard and nourishes the hair to make it softer and manageable. Beard oil can also help to fight acne and keeps your skin tight which reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Beard Oil


2. Prevents itchiness & lessens dandruff.

Almost every man who has tried to grow a beard might have noticed that it starts to get itchy after about one month. This is because the skin becomes dry and often leads to itchiness and beard dandruff, which is usually caused by excessive scratching of the dead skin underneath the hair. Using beard oil with moisturizing properties can help stop these undesirable and uncomfortable effects as it supplements the sebum oil which is naturally produced by your sebaceous gland.

3. Helps your beard grow.

We’re not saying that using beard oil will suddenly boost your hair growth, but it will help your beard grow as it prevents split ends and makes your hair follicles even stronger. Also, if you are prone to patchy hair growth, beard oil supports healthy skin and helps hair follicles flourish by preventing ingrown hair.

4. Helps pores & inflammation.

Some brands of beard oil have antimicrobial properties which are highly beneficial for pores as they reduce and prevent inflammation of hair follicles which are caused by bacterial or fungal infections. Modern beard oils are also beneficial for sensitive skin since they moisturize the skin underneath the beard which prevent possible irritation and helps to cleanse impurities and nourish skin that is often prone to breakouts.

5. Helps your beard grow.

In additional to all the great benefits mentioned above, most beard oils contain fragrances which gives your beard a pleasant smell. You can find different oils with a variety of scents which makes your beard smell great and even eliminates the need to apply aftershave or cologne. But of course, if you prefer for your oil to have no fragrance at all, there are a lot of unscented options available in the market which are best suited for people with sensitive skin.

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